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Missions: About

Boston, MA - July 17-23, 2023 (Kids Ministry)

Costa Rica Mountains -  May 28- June 3, 2023

Costa Rica Women’s Trip - June 17-22, 2023

Costa Rica Pacific Coast  - July 1-7, 2023

El Salvador -   July 23-29, 2023 

Honduras - July 15-22, 2023

Men's Trip Togo, Africa - July 14-23, 2023 

Uganda, Africa - Date TBD 

If you are going on mission to Costa Rica this summer, please plan to join us for TWO mandatory trip meetings on April 12th and May 17th at 5:30 p.m. in the Parlor. 

Mission Trip Dates

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One way that we have been On Mission during the pandemic is by praying for our neighbors.  112 Families committed to be lights in their neighborhoods and pray for their neighbors by name each day through the Bless Every Home app.  Almost 1,600 homes have been prayed for.  Many of you have shared how that this helped you engage in meaningful conversations with neighbors that you had not previously known.  If you would like to join this effort, register at


Disaster Relief Training & Certification Opportunities

  • March 18: Administration (managing volunteers in database and deployment information)

  • March 25: Shower and Laundry (setup and operation of shower and laundry units)

  • March 31: Cleanup and Recovery (helping in various situations…flooding, tornadoes, etc.)

  • March 31-April 1: Chainsaw (safe operation and cleanup procedures)

  • April 13-15: Chaplaincy (Crisis intervention and ministry to persons in crisis)

  • April 22: Mass Feeding (operation of mass feeding kitchens)

These trainings will take place at the State Board of Missions in Prattville. To register go to

For more information contact:


Alan Jones

FBCO Minister to Missions


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Missions Team

Victoria C.jpg

Alan Jones

Missions Pastor


Community Outreach

Victoria Carboni

Missions Assistant


We have many partnerships that allow us to be involved in missions around the world.  Our ongoing support goes through two main entities:  The International Mission Board (Foreign) and the North American Mission Board (Domestic)


International Mission Board


North American Mission Board


Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief

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