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FBCO Fall 2024 Schedule


Current Situation

FBCO is growing! God is blessing our community with an influx of people from all over the world. According to the Chamber of Commerce, this growth is projected to continue through 2040. Since 2021, FBCO has averaged a growth rate of 15% annually in our Sunday morning attendance. With our current facilities, we have very little room for growth. At 9:45 on Sunday mornings, we are using 100% of our Sunday school space with many classrooms at max capacity. The 9:45 contemporary service and the 11:00 primarily college service are averaging 90% capacity most Sundays in the 3:16 Center. In the Worship Center, we usually average about 75% capacity but with a 15% annual growth rate, we will be at max capacity soon. As long as people believe they have a seat, they will come. When they begin to believe they don't have a seat, they won't even attempt. If we want to continue to experience growth, we must make some changes to free up space.


In 2023, FBCO formed a growth strategy council to research the possible structural changes that we could make to our campus to accompany the current growth. This group is currently consulting with an architectural firm, but any structural renovations will take years to solidify. We need space now. Therefore, the only option is to offer more opportunities on Sunday mornings, allowing people the freedom to choose any service, any hour with activities for all ages.


This means you will have the option to worship (any style), attend Sunday school, or serve any hour on Sunday mornings. For this to be successful, some Sunday school classes may choose to change hours, giving us a variety of classes every hour. We will also need more volunteers each hour across all ministry areas. Beginning Fall of 2024, let us take this opportunity to WORSHIP, attend SUNDAY SCHOOL, and SERVE each week!

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