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Dr. Jeff Meyers

Senior Pastor

Pastor Jeff joined the First Baptist family in 2016. He is a native of Desoto, Texas. Jeff attended Baylor University where he met his wife, Traci. His degrees include a B.A. in Religious Studies from Baylor University, a Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages and a PhD from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He has over 30 years of preaching experience, first as an evangelist, then as a pastor of the local church.


Jeff and Traci have been married over 25 years and have three sons, Marshall, George, and Jonathan. Traci currently teaches at West Forest Intermediate School in Opelika. 


In addition to the preaching and teaching of the Bible, Jeff has a desire for people to receive answers to their questions. For over 20 years Jeff has been answering questions regarding the Bible, Christianity, and faith at youth camps, on the radio, and live special events. Admittedly, his favorite time of the week is the weekly Question and Answer Bible study he hosts before a live audience entitled “Ask Jeff.” 


In his spare time, Jeff enjoys driving fast! He loves cars and holds several motor sports driving certificates.


Pastor Jeff is also the author of 7 books:

  •  Upside Down: Becoming a 1st Century Christian in a 21st Century World

  •  The DNA of a Disciple: Characteristics of a Reproducing Christian

  •  Ask Jeff the Top 10 Questions: The Most Asked Questions by Believers and Doubters, Sinners and Saints, and Every Person in Between

  •  Stand: The Christian’s Response to a Compromised Culture

  •  24 Hours that Changed the World

  •  Simple: Understanding Revelation

  •  God vs. god: Spiritual Warfare in Heavenly Places

Dr. Jeff Meyers
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