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Israel 2023 Trip: Day 3

The Jordan River is not just a historical water source, but the site of John The Baptist’s ministry; particularly, the baptism of Jesus (Matt. 3:13-17). Many representatives of our group commemorated their faith by being “baptized” in the Jordan. It was a means of attempting to “be there” in regard to this monumental site.

One of the most adventurous stops on our journey was Beit She'an. This is one of the most extensive archeological sites in Israel in regard to Roman architecture. The view pictured is from the Tel (Mountain) looking down. It is not just a great view, but this is the mountain that Saul and his sons were “nailed to the wall” upon their death (1 Samuel 28-30)

Though not a site derived from scripture, the community of Qumran seen here possesses great biblical value. In the mid-20th century, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered on this site. These scrolls contained an entire preserved copy of the Old Testament dated 150-100 BC.; thus, verifying the prophetic statements regarding Jesus Christ well before His fulfillment of them.

One of the most famous stories contained in scripture is the story of Jericho (Judges 6). Representatives of the team are seen discussing the ruins of this famed city whose walls, through archeological investigation, were discovered to have fallen “inward” just as scripture communicated.

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