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Israel 2023 Trip: Day 1

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Our journey began at Caesarea Maritime, or "Caesarea by the Sea". This historical site was made a reality by Herod. The Theatre was a place for political discussion, plays, and a myriad of other public events. Biblically speaking, Herod, Pilate, Felix, and Festus would have sat and participated in or observed these events. Acts 24:1-6 accounts Paul the Apostle sharing his testimony and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Felix, Tertullus, and Ananias the HighPriest.

The Roman aqueducts pictured may appear to have no Biblical significance at first appearance; however, they played a critical role in the early church. The Romans engineered one of the great marvels of years gone by supplying cities once alienated from water with the ability to grow and thrive. These cities and the water they supplied would allow the Gospel to go to “all nations”(Matthew 28:18-20).

The view shown here is not just of the expansive and prophetic Valley of Jezreel (Armageddon) but is an Old Testament sight of incredible importance. This mountain, Carmel, is the place where the prophet Elijah trusted God to show his power; thus, defeating the prophets of Baal and providing the means for the rain to reappear after 3 and 1/2 years (1 Kings 18:20-41).

Toward the end of the day, our journey found its way to Mount Precipice. This sight right outside Nazareth not only gives another breathtaking view of the Valley of Jezreel but was the sight of one of the first events in the ministry of Jesus Christ. This is the place where the residents of Nazareth attempted to “kill” Jesus by pushing him off a “Cliff”; however, “Jesus passed in the midst of them” (Luke 4:16-32).

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