Matthew ingram

College Ministry Associate

After years of researching and questioning I ended up not believing. I didn’t believe He existed and so I put my trust in myself and believed that the world could offer fulfillment and meaning.

After years of disbelief and running from God, I found myself worn-down, struggling with anxiety and depression, aimless in direction and chained by what I now know to be sin. But then, I moved into an apartment complex in my junior year of college where unbeknownst to me, I was smack-dab in the middle of a strong Christian community.

Over the course of the first semester I got to know my neighbors, who bewilderingly cared deeply and lovingly about me and wanted to pray for me and invited me to church! (I asked myself, who am I to say no?)

Over Christmas break of that year I went home and while at the Christmas-Eve service at my family’s home church I heard a sermon that felt as though my heart had a laser pointed at it and that every word was melting away barriers of disbelief and pain. God granted me faith that night and I placed my life unconditionally in his hands, I accepted Christ into my heart and asked for his forgiveness and that he would take the burden of life off of me. I prayed like a mad man for weeks that the Lord would help me draw in to himself. He rose far above and beyond my wildest imagination.


Since that day I have sought the Father daily, he has provided restful peace and abundant joy that I didn’t think possible along with a loving community. He has sanctified and healed me. He has provided and protected and guided me by His spirit. He has become my greatest gold! He has used my story and life as a testimony to others, it is a tremendous privilege to get to expand his Kingdom and be a part of his redeeming work in the hearts of the lost. Praise be to God for His sovereignty, abundant grace and mercy!

First Baptist Church of Opelika

301 S 8th Street

Opelika, Alabama




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