Central Valley: May 30 - June 5

Pacific Coast: June 27 - July 3

Costa Rica Trip Information


Passport - Apply for it immediately if you do not have one. If you have one already, make sure that is doesn't expire until after January 2021. The church will make 2 color copies for each person. One will remain at the church, and the other will be taken by the group leader. 

Trip Cost & Payments

Central Valley: May 30 - June 5 Members & Active Participants: $1,200 Guests: $1,500

Pacific Coast: June 27 - July 3  Members & Active Participants: $1,200 Guests: $1,500

Registration Deadline and Payments - A NR (non-refundable) deposit of $300 is due February 23. Space is limited to 18 per trip. 

Liability Release Form - Please complete and return with your deposit. (Lorri will set you up on Missions IQ (Itravel Iq) and send you a link via email for forms to be filled out). 


Your trip cost will include a 3rd party travel insurance policy from IMG. This will be in addition to your personal insurance and will cover such things as medical expenses, accidental death, emergency medical evacuation, and security evacuation. 


Immunizations - Updated Tetanus. Hepatitis A/B suggested but not required.


Luggage - You are allowed one bag with a maximum weight of 50 pounds, a carry on, and a personal item. Delta allows 1 bag up to 50lbs free. Luggage charges are not included in the trip pricing. You will also be given one Spanish Bible to pack in your carry on or suitcase. 


What to pack - Comfortable clothing. One church outfit (not too dressy). Shoes/sandals, you will need closed toed shoes when we work in the barrios. Toiletries, (hair dryers furnished in Jaco) Sunscreen (near the equator), hat, insect spray, poncho or light rain jacket. 

Please look at the NSA guidelines if you have any questions regarding what you may pack. If you are taking any liquids in your carry on, they must be under 3 ounces and placed in a quart size Ziplock bag. You will be asked to remove them from your bag at the checkpoint. Remember not to pack any sharp objects that could be considered a weapon in your carry on.

Food - Some picky eaters may want to pack Peanut Butter, pop tarts, etc. We will stop at a market for snacks. The food is very good and fresh in Costa Rica. Our daily diet will include a LOT of rice and beans, chicken, fish, and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Cultural - This trip includes a trip to a working coffee plantation/mill in order for you to better understand the Costa Rican culture and how they live day to day. 

Project Discussion - sewing - working with children (crafts) - English (simple worksheets) Roof repair - visiting nursing home - Bed Project - Assembly & Delivering Beds - Painting Church, - Feeding the poor. 

Payment & Training Schedule 

Deposit   $300.00 NR February 23

Payment $450.00       March 29

Payment $450.00       April 26

Training  Rm AE 202  March 29, Sunday, 4:30 p.m.

Training  Rm AE 202  April 26, Sunday, 4:30 p.m.

Training  Rm AE 202  May 17, Sunday, 4:30 p.m. 


Any other questions contact Lorri in the church office 

First Baptist Church of Opelika

301 S 8th Street

Opelika, Alabama




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